Tuesday, 15 August 2017

August Update

How are you getting on with the Dog Days of Summer individual challenge?

Dog Days Challenge

August 1–28
Complete the Dog Days of Summer challenge by finishing each of the following four distance goals in the timeframes indicated and log them in your online logbook:
  • Week 1, Aug. 1–7: 10,000 meters
  • Week 2, Aug. 8–14: 20,000 meters
  • Week 3, Aug. 15–21: 30,000 meters
  • Week 4, Aug. 22–28: 40,000 meters
Distances are cumulative (you don't have to complete 10,000 metres in one sitting, for instance), and all metres—rowing or skiing, indoors or out—count. Plus, this year, we've added an optional level for kids and adaptive athletes.
I have to confess a holiday in San Francisco and time spent on the turbo trainer at home has meant my efforts in this challenge have been pretty slack! On a positive note the cross-training effects of hiking, biking and boxing classes should have me fighting fit for the upcoming Fall Team Challenge in September.

The August Cross Team Challenge a 'Bolt from the Blue' set by Fitness Matters is a speedy 200 metres unrestricted row. A simple and effective session that you can tag on the end of a mid-length row after a good warm-up.

Thanks to the following team mates we have already floated our first boat into the points rankings:

6 pts
Empty the Tanks I0:44.4
Kenneth Murdoch (H)
Mike Bode (H)
Rob Drury (L)
SophiaMichael (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

Have you rowed anywhere exotic this summer?
Are you still rowing in the garage because the weather is freezing where you live?

Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

Wishing you a great summer ETT'ers.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

USA Team Mate Jim M visits London!

Jim Moldenhauer from Wisconsin, USA has been a long-standing dedicated ETT member. Last week he e-mailed me to say he was in the UK for a holiday with his wife for a few days. He actually visited London last summer but our schedules did not work out. Luckily, today we managed a quick catch up this morning at the Imperial War Museum!

We met outside the museum and when the doors open at 10.00am we headed straight for the cafe to grab a cuppa and had a great chat. It felt very fitting that our Empty The Tanks team mate photo was in front of a tank!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

July Cross Team Challenge

This month's Cross Team Challenge has been set by DLC Gidea Park Team.

4 km Up and Down
Row the following intervals pyramid (with 1 min rest for each 250m rowed):

Row 250 metres, rest for 1 minute
Row 500m, rest for 2 minutes
Row 750m, 3 minutes rest
Row 1000m, rest 4 mins
Row 750m, 3 minutes rest
Row 500m, rest for 2 minutes
Row 250m and finish

Standing start for the opening 250m. Other six can be rolling starts.
There are no other restrictions.
Record your total time for 4000 metres of rowing.

Good Luck ETT'ers!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Summer Solstice Row 21st June

Who is going to celebrate the Summer Solstice by rowing 21,000 metres on Wednesday?
You don't need to row all the metres in one go but split it into more manageable chinks. The other alternative is you row 21,097 metres and qualify for a half marathon!

More information about the Summer Solstice here:

The Details

  • Row or ski 21,000 meters on June 21.
  • Meters can be rowed/skied all at once in one workout or over several workouts throughout the day.
  • If you add 97 meters to row/ski 21,097 meters, or a half-marathon, it needs to be rowed/skied all at once in order to qualify to be a ranked piece.
  • This is an individual challenge. (You do not need to belong to a team to participate.)
  • Meters must be entered online.
  • Indoor rower, SkiErg, on water and on snow meters count. You can combine meters to reach 21,000 meters.

Who Can Participate

Anyone with an online logbook at concept2.com can participate in this challenge.

Incentives and Rewards

Participants who meet the challenge can enjoy:
  • Name inclusion on the Summer Solstice Challenge Honor Boards.
  • A specially designed downloadable certificate.
  • Option to purchase a Summer Solstice Challenge items from our third-party fulfillment vendor (availability varies by country).
Good luck ETT'ers!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

2016 - 2017 Season Ends today!

Hey ETT'ers, just a quick reminder to you all to upload or rank your metres and work-outs as the 2016-17 season ends today.

As a team we currently reside in 15th place in the world-wide affiliation rankings out of 2167 teams. We are in the top 1% of teams!

We are in the top ten of virtual teams!

We have almost rowed 50,000,000 metres this season!
Individual achievements within our team are as follows:
  • Tomasz, Ken and Steve have rowed over 3 million metres!
  • Hardy and Diggy almost erged 2 million
  • Andy S, Mike B and Mike F reached 1.5 million
  • Rob D, Alex, Hans-Jorg, Joe S and Rainer have rowed over 1 million
  • In the almost 1 million metres club is Edward, Phil, Emma (highest performing female in the team, 
  • Mike S, Preston, Robert, Karyn, Dan, Evan, Caroline and Leslie rowed over 800k
  • With over 700k we have Norman and Beate
  • Nick, John, Todor and Jim rowed more than 600k
  • Hitting half a million metres is John F, John B and Susanne
  • Jeff, Jonathan, Jorg and David achieved over 400k
  • Les, Kim, Milan, Duncan, Gary, Andrew and Allan hit 300k
  • The 200k'ers are Jay 19, Thomas, Andrew, Gus, Mark L, Justin, Pieter, Ian and Mike
  • Those who hit over 100k are Mark K, Mike S, Jan, Ric, David, Mark B, David R, Ellie, Bouke, Hector and Paul
  • The remaining team mates contributed between 1k to 85k. Thanks to Toni, Neil, John D, John G, Epsen, Simon, Elizabeth, Barb, Mike P, Kevin, Joe C, Alison, Wayne, Daniel, Natalie, Esa, Lisa, Dave R, Michael C, Lance, Eloisa, Amelia, Jeff W and Alex S.
Excellent work team mates and all the best for the 2017-2018 season!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

WEC 2017 Final Standings

After 32 days of competition for the World Erg Challenge we have finished in 19th place out of 347 teams which places us in the top 5% of world-wide teams.

We finished in 2nd place for virtual teams with 21-50 team members!

We collectively rowed 4,757,654 metres which is 2,956 miles (or 4,757 kilometres).
To put that into perspective, it is the equivalent distance from London to Nigeria!

Or from New York to the Yukon Territory in Canada!

Individual achievements are as follows:

Preston impressed us all with his unrelenting mission to stay in first place with 600k. Nice one. You deserve a rest today!

In second place Bill S hit an awesome 471k, closely followed by Ken M with 426k in third place. Excellent work guys you are the only members of the 400k club!

Steve C had a memorable return to the team with 323k and a fourth place position in the individual standings! Well done.

Tomasz rowed into fifth place with 284k and Kim retained her top ETT female credentials with 275k. Mike B achieved 5 million lifetime metres during the WEC with 202k! Andy S and Allan H both rowed 200k and are the final members of the 200k club this challenge!

Caroline is the 10th team mate with 138k, followed by a brilliant bunch of team mates including; David G with 122k, Mike F with 119k, Joe S with 117k, Edward J with 108k, Evan with 107k and Leslie with 105k.

Emma, Jurjen and Todor almost made it into the 100k club this challenge with a decent meterage of 94k, 88k, and 82k respectively.

Hans-Jorg, Les, Rob D, Mike S, John B, Hardy, Tim, Susanne, Alan T, Mark K, Jonathan T, Craig, Mike D, Robert, Dalip, Karyn, Diggy, Jackie, Esa and  John B all invaluably contributed their time, energy and metres to support the team with between 65k - 13k!

Thank you to those who have rowed metres and the encouraging comments on the blog or Facebook page. Empty the Tanks wouldn't be the open, honest and friendly place it is without you all contributing to make it such a fantastic team!

You all get to rest a little bit as the next team challenge does not start until 15th September 2017 until 15th October 2017. Until then you have the Cross Team Challenges, Individual Challenges and a whole host of other rowing events to keep you out of mischief!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

WEC 2017 Week Four

It's the final week and with only three more days of competition can we sneak up to 17th place in the rankings?
We are currently in 18th place out of 346 world-wide teams, this places us in the top 5%.
If you compare us with other virtual teams with 21-50 members we are in 2nd place!

Not bad for 39 ergers rowing an average of 100k each!

I will do a full round up of individual achievements on the final day of the World Erg Challenge, Saturday 15th April. For those of you who observe Easter you will be able to have an awesome Sunday lunch with extra dessert to celebrate!

Will our top ten change in the next three days?

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

WEC 2017 Week Three

This month is motoring along at warp speed; a bit like our top ten team mates in the World Erg Challenge!

  • Preston is nearly at 500k!
  • Bill S is still his super self with over 330k
  • Ken M is almost at 300k
  • Kim is back on form and smashing the top female spot with 275k
  • Tomasz is enjoying the 200k club
  • Steve C is chasing for a top 5 slot
  • Allan is on fire with 140k
  • Mike B is on excellent erg duty with 138k
  • Andy is in the 100k club
  • Only 3k to go for Joe S to hit 100k

Not bad for week three everybody. Let's see if we can shake it up a bit and move up to 17th place by the end of the week!?

Saturday, 1 April 2017

April CTC and March CTC Update

April Fool's Day?

I've just checked the CTC website and I'm not sure if this is an April Fool's Cross Team Challenge but the row for this month is:

Apr 2017 - The Flying Fish
Row one round of the fish game.
Record your score for 4 minutes

For those who have never played it follow this link for information.

In last months challenge seven team mates rowed the 5142 metres for the Bob Spenger Memorial Row and we managed to float one boat in the points rankings. A big thank you to Epsom, Joe, Ken, Bill, Mark and Rob for entering the March CTC!

35 pts
Empty the Tanks I20:22.3
Espen Holm (H)
Joseph Smyntek (H)
Kenneth Murdoch (H)
Bill_Schmidt (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

106Empty the Tanks II22:56.4
Mark Kaehler (H)
Rob Drury (L)

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

WEC 2017 Week Two

In fourteen days we have rowed an impressive 2,472,244 metres which is an average of 63k each.
We are in 18th place out of 333 world-wide teams and we are in 2nd place if you compare ourselves with virtual teams with 21-50 team members!

Our top ten team mates have been smashing it on the erg this week! Let's check out their metres:

We have 39 team mates signed up to this challenge and we could always do with a few more metres so see if you can encourage some family or friends to join us in our mission to reach the top 3% of world-wide erg teams!

Please share your WEC stories here on the blog or our team Facebook page.
  • How have you got on this week?
  • Did you achieve any personal best times or distances?